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ACO Viet Nam

Commercial kitchens

Commercial kitchens are extremely busy environments with potentially wet and greasy floors due to the abundance of liquids used in both the cooking and cleaning processes, and of course, liquids are often very hot! Waste water can also contain fat which is a major cause of pipe blockages and cannot be released to the waste water system. In combination, these factors may affect Food Safety, Operational cost and Health & Safety.

Food safety

Food safety can be severely affected due to poor drainage and grease separation systems. ACO solutions are designed to effectively and safely drain away and handle process water. We design our products specifically to reduce the risk of food contamination.

Cost control

Management of costs is a major factor in business today. Commercial kitchen equipment including drainage and grease separation systems should fulfil its function with low operational cost in mind throughout its entire lifespan. ACO drainage and grease separation systems are designed so they can be easily maintained, reducing associated cleaning costs and maximising hygienic performance.

Health & safety

Minimizing the risk of injury in the workplace is of prime importance to any commercial kitchen facility. It’s essential that your facility has a drainage system which improves health and safety conditions during cleaning, emptying and operation, while ensuring hygiene is always front of mind.