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ACO Viet Nam

ACO Stormbrixx

ACO has innovated an exceptional system known as StormBrixx—a patented stormwater management solution constructed from plastic geocellular materials. Designed to address sustainable surface water needs, it provides effective solutions for detention, retention, infiltration, and the potential for water reuse. ACO StormBrixx stands out as the fastest, easiest, and most versatile underground water tank to install, much like the simplicity of building LEGO bricks. Its versatility makes it suitable for application in various construction environments.

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Vu Tran Xuan

Tel: +84 90 364 4625

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ACO Stormbrixx

A geocellular stormwater management system for infiltration, retention and reuse of water

Stormbrixx HD (Heavy Duty) had low carbon footprint due to recyclable material and logistics benefits it is certifies performance with beyond the standards high frequency series production testing

Designed for heavy duty applications and deep installations, frost-free installations depth, without groundwater influence.