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Laboratory tests are not the same as real life when it comes to grating specification


When it comes to grating specification, it’s important not to consider load class in isolation. Specifiers need to pay attention to the type of traffic load that a grating will be subjected to and, if required, change the type of grating they have specified in order to ensure the grating specified is fit for purpose and to prevent future damage.

For example, a mesh grating may be capable of withstanding a 1.5 tonne load under EN 1433 but only if the load is spread over a relatively large area and not if the load is coming from the small wheels on a trolley or vehicle which concentrate the load onto a small point. In this example, a cover which shields almost the entire drainage would be more appropriate.

Detailed specification guidance regarding gratings, load classes and any aspect of your drainage system design is available from the ACO team who will be happy to provide advice and guidance for your individual project requirements.