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ACO Viet Nam

Gratings specification: why the application is as important as the load


When it comes to grating specification it is important to ensure you have the correct grating for your application. All too often specifiers look only at load classes and do not consider how the grating will be used in operation, and as a result gratings are damaged or even destroyed.

Fork lift truck wheels, for example, apply heavy loads over a relatively small area and the torque of the wheels can cause damage to mesh gratings even if they meet the load class requirements. In this type of application, it would be more appropriate to specify slot or more robust ladder gratings which are able to cope with demands of this type of application.

It is vital that specifiers consider how a grating will be used in a specific application as well as the loads to which it will be subjected to by ongoing operations and future equipment updates or maintenance.

Detailed specification guidance regarding gratings and any other aspect of your drainage system design is available from the ACO team who will be happy to provide specification advice for your individual project requirements.